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Construction with Globes

2022 (2000x2000, JPG) B



As this world is generally characterized by extreme violence, suffering, destruction, and mortality, B constructs alternative globes with mental states brought on by neurophysiological changes, variously associated with thoughts, feelings and behavioral responses. Why is this world as bad as it is? Who is used to denote the essence of humankind, or what it 'means' to be human?

Construction with Squares

2021, 2022 (2000x2000, JPG) Y


(08/12/2021) 1/9 (Ø 0.15)

As a mixture of squares and blocks introduced in L, now curved, each Y constructs a large field of geometrical doors that invite one to enter a different world of imagination, each. A salad of paths to take, keys to try and colors to find. Served at any point during a day, layered and dressed: Not random, again and again.

Construction with Kubo

2021 (2000x2000, MP4) G


(09/10/2021) 1/3 (Ø 0.15)

As introduced in K, Kubo is another form and social categorization theory based on the concept of social identity, the component of one's self-image, red, blue and yellow. What are Kubo's qualities, believes, looks or expressions? Who knows. Kubo is bound to the lines surrounding it. Do you see the awareness and the categorizing of identity as positive or destructive? A person's identity is defined as the totality of one's self-construal. But don't forget, you are not alone.

Construction with Lines

2021 (2000x2000, JPG) D



As I find myself struggling in an unhonest world, each D constructs a large human settlement of lines. In other words, streets of hope with administratively defined boundaries whose members work primarily on non-agricultural tasks, sometimes benefiting different parties in the process, such as improving efficiency of goods and service distribution. Do you see the collection of people who dwell there for employment, entertainment, and edification? Their density facilitates interaction. I'm a government man.

Construction with Messages

2021 (2000x2000, JPG) E


(23/08/2021) 6/9 (Ø 111)

As daily messages evolve as a form of literature that evokes emotions in addition to a humanoid meaning, each E uses the native iOS bubble as a canvas to personal thoughts that live within the keyboard and library of your smartphone. Powered by 100% renewable energy. Love is the reason, I'm still holding ground. But I'm not giving up. From kiwa to kiwa.

Construction with Space

2021 (2000x2000, JPG) H



As we are born into a rather complicated and noisy world, a simple room often becomes a refuge from the outside. Every H composes a personal definition of this space in a pixelated world of around 20 square meters. A shelter inside that includes a bath for hygiene, two pillows on the floor in front of a small, wooden desk with tea cups on it, a bed to process the day and kitchen to enjoy a warm bowl of rice. Note: It is also advised to have a free wall for your favourite artwork. Untitled. Will Big Blue dominate the entire computer industry?

Construction with Texts

2021 (2000x2000, MP4) K



As music is a source of life, each K is composed of four lines that form a story out of the daily listenings. Here, the inputs range from the Atlanta hip-hop scene, 80s Post-Punk, New Wave to Contemporary Creations and the Infinite Sadness. In no particular order, lines are put together to merge different genres, phases and interpretations into a new sense, accompanied with a hand-drawn surprise.

Construction with Kiwa

2021 (2000x2000, JPG) F



As the Euros come to an end with the Olympics ahead, F celebrates the passion of friendly sport fans around the world in the form of 'charvatars' - a construction that supports a good cause through moaido and Foundation Splits. Each work inhertis the 1:1 format and primary colors as introduced in the on-going, interconnected NFT of M and can be used as an avatar when zoomed in on the first bottom line or otherwise. F1-9 will be minted within the span of every 10th minute of the final Euro 2020 match, inspired by the iconic live-tweeting of @petcortright (also referred to as Alpha Legend). Bend it like ©ortright.

Construction with Houses

2021 (2000x2000, JPG) T


(01/06/2021) 1/9 (Ø 0.165)

As the character J went under review, intended to explore an interaction of color, kiwa went for a walk to seek a landscape or object that could line out the set of primary colors in different intensities. Somehow obvious, everywhere were houses. Three hundred, sixty five degrees. Re-sketching everything related to a house such as walls, steps and boundaries is like a medicine to understand a form, function and their relativity. Here, the character T produces a lego-like consumption and translates colors into how one interacts with and perceives day-to-day architecture.

Construction with Windows

2021 (2000x2000, MP4) J


(29/05/2021) 2/9 (Ø 0.1675Ξ)

As the form follows the congestion, there are many kinds of windows, in which the colors of any single form differ slightly among themselves. And with every other second, the windows open again and the identity of the composition may change in a diagonal, horizontal or vertical direction. Windows are a helpful frame to explore an interaction of color, demonstrating such principles as color intensity, relativity and temperature, absorbing boundaries and the illusion of transparency.

(The compression @withFND affects the original color temperature as referenced above. Under review by kiwa.)

Construction with Blocks

2021 (2000x2000, MP4) L


(19/05/2021) 2/9 (Ø 0.1662Ξ)

As the lines and the blank spaces between one and the next all contribute to giving the object its overall shape, the construction becomes a joyful yet simple play. When the objects we use day in day out and the surroundings we live in become in themselves a work of art, it is said that one has achieved a balanced life. Here, the blocks we create should remind us to recognize and cherish the beauty of everyday objects.

Construction with Red, Blue and Yellow

2021 (2000x2000, JPG) M


(06/04/2021) 5/9 (Ø 0.225Ξ)

As each NFT is connected to another, the construction becomes a puzzle of different compositions and collectors, in a joint piece of primary colors. Although inseparable from the black lines, the colors are never brought into either the background or the foreground, because the joint interplay of surfaces and lines on the one hand and the contrast relationship on the other dissolves any sense of space and depth. Thus, through the formal contrasts of the horizontal and vertical black lines as well as the consistently orthogonal pictorial structure, one color surface always appears as a contrast to the other colored and non-colored surfaces.


(1 kiwa = 1 arigatō)

M1 @rwx 27.5

M2 @rwx 31

M3 @rwx 23

M6 @ixshells 15

M7 @elpizo 16

L1 @rwx 17.24

L2 @bigbill 16

T1 @rwx 16.5

J1 @rwx 18.5

E1 @rwx 11.1

E4 @rwx 11.1

E2 @wesker 11.1

E3 @wesker 11.1

E7 @rwx 11.1

E9 @rwx 11.1

G1 @siinamota 15

Y1 @siinamota 15

J3 @siinamota 15

A special tranche of 1000 kiwas go to the ever supporting and caring @rwx for gifting me Big Brain Chain (2017), a historic and precious piece from the RW exes (an avatar graveyard), which is balm for the soul and a beautiful as mindful composition. I could look at it the whole day as it contains so many thoughts, details and little surprises. You can too, right here



I try to never wear my own clothes, I pretend I'm someone else or just an advertisement for a version of myself. In the future, we will all drive reading books. In the future, people are renovating their rooms with non-fungible tokens. It gets people out of their houses. It brings them together, in peace. And, kiwakubo is only a puzzle of a mythic quest that photoshops and corel draws, exploring the alphabet to pay for minting costs and a PR team.